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alexachungloafers_220508.jpgWhenever there is a stampede of vertiginous footwear like those of the current skyscraper climate, you can be sure there is a thoroughly horizontal backlash just around the corner.

Not that I am advocating an utter abandonment of all things heeled (I’m a heels girl through and through) it’s just that there are some occasions for which my 5 inch wedges and aching feet just will not do. And for those times, I must admit I’m a little bored with what is on offer.

Despite claims that the “ballet pump is back” (did they ever go away?), or ever-amorous support for the brogue (which I do love but they have become oh-so-ubiquitous), I am turning to an old classic for my foot salvation. Yes, that’s right, the loafer is the only shoe that will do.

Is it just me or does the original Russell and Bromley “Chester” shoe, complete with tassels that look like they were made with a History teacher in mind, suddenly look just right?


Clunky and masculine, yes, but oh-so-charming. The bertie bassett chunkiness is like a particularly rewarding fashion challenge that will pay dividends in kudos if you can pull it off. In the never-ending karma of the fashion world, I have just dug out an original pair from the depths of my mother’s wardrobe and am now basking in the comfort and style of my new favourite shoe.

Nostalgic of a time when 80s housewives would drop their children off at school in the leather beauties and a pair of patterned leggings (yes, this is a personally specific memory but surely I wasn’t the only one?!). This is not, however, a combination I would advocate trying out this time around. Instead, team them with pretty summer dresses and flippy skirts for an endearingly awkward look that makes me feel a little like a Parisian student from the 60s. Comfort and style….what’s not to like?

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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