Last Updated on 19th October 2013

christopherkane_190908It isn’t exactly a secret that Scotland and the rest of the UK, namely England, aren’t best buddies. I’ve never quite understood it myself but it is apparently a given that those north of the border are somewhat disparaging of their southern counterparts.

In fact, when I just asked my Scottish born friend for a typical Scottish view of Englishmen, his retort was unprintable.

So, it may come as little surprise that plans for a Scottish Fashion council, which will operate independently of the British Fashion Council, have recently been unveiled.

Although this may be a great news for Scottish designers; one aim of the Scottish Fashion Council being to offer chances to Scottish designers that are normally only afforded to those in London, I can’t help but think that it might be to the rest of the UK’s detriment seeing as the cream of the contemporary¬† British fashion crop includes much lauded names such as Christopher Kane, Louise Gray and Jonathan Saunders. Who also happen to be Scottish.

Founding members of the Scottish Fashion Council include Kirsty Hume, Graeme Black, and Albert Watson, and plans include mentoring programs, fund-raisers, and opportunities for fashion students to meet with industry professionals.

So will the Scottish Fashion Council be a success? Well, Tessa Hartman of the TFF Agency who will be announcing the news of this new body certainly seems to think so.

“If we can sustain our own parliament”, says Hartmann, “we can most certainly sustain our own Scottish Fashion Council.”

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