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The show started with a rainstorm, ok it was lighting and but this was to set the theme of the quirky weather girl. The collection was certainly quirky but entirely wearable.

A truly consumer friendly collection, every piece could be worn time and time again. With an 80s feel, jersey mini dresses and graphic prints looked surprisingly fresh and interesting. Jumpsuits also made an appearance and looked beach friendly and chic.

Olanic covered all bases, funky geometric prints were edgy, cute cotton full skirts were nautical inspired whilst a collection of androgynous jackets and harem pants looked like the ideal casual wear. A further collection of red and black striped outfits looked to be the perfect recipe of the crossover winter to spring wear. With a highlight of lace and sequins, it looked girly yet tough which was highlighted further by a soft-as-butter leather jacket.

This was a strong collection; the mac with a giant bow on the back was perhaps my favourite piece. Although the black silk dress that actually turned out to be an ingeniously cut playsuit is hot on its heels. There was also the bodiced strapless dress however, that was incredibly stylish.

This is a brand that you could wear any piece from and much in the same way as PPQ, it has cheekiness to it. These aren’t cutting edge couture driven designs, but sometimes it really is refreshing to see a collection that you could actually buy and wear.

Better watch out PPQ, Olanic has upped its’ game.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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