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Even standing in the queue for this show was an event; it was a who’s who of celebsville, from Pamela Anderson to Mischa Barton to Kate Moss to Erin O’Connor and Dita Von Teese, yes they were all there en masse. Oh, and I must add that Dita really is flawless.

So, on with the clothes and the curiously long catwalk (the models must have been exhausted). To say I was excited is an understatement but I am very pleased to report that the Grande Dame of fashion did not disappoint.


The scene was set with models chatting and laughing before beginning the parade. In just one show we were treated to smart suiting, nautical inspired wear, safari style, urban sportswear, prints, signature Westwood, school girl fashions and the ultimate party wear. Yes, this show was packed and every piece, well perhaps not so much the baby pink silk jersey, I fell in love with.

But I guess I should pick the highlights, where to start?! The stripe suiting was sublime, nautical high waisted trouser paired with a waistcoat and bra crop top (yep, they’re here too) looked incredible. Super wide leg trousers in black with a very Vivienne white shirt looked edgy yet wearable. Then there are the bodice dresses, which always look amazing. The arrow, almost jailbird print, is sure to become a must have. In pink and black and two shade blue, the print was seen on dresses, tees and a too-die-for jumpsuit.

This was clearly a collection that covered every occasion, smart, casual, beach and then party. The party wear was positively shiny; shimmering metallic dresses were cut so beautifully that they looked chic and certainly not cheap. Then came the gold lame, I’m not one to often praise the lame but on this occasion I have to. Gold shorts, a mac and the finale biker jacket were real statement pieces.

Then came the PVC dresses, even these were cut so well that I tricked myself into thinking I could wear one. Despite being made from a dominatrix’s best friend the dresses looked surprisingly feminine. The show ended with Vivienne in PVC herself running down the catwalk with her biker model.

So, I think we have learnt that Vivienne Westwood is without doubt the Queen of fashion, and long may she reign!


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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