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Bernard Chandran is running up his sixth season at London Fashion Week, and it’s obvious why the fashionista’s keep wanting more. For his SS09 the theme was Eastern Pop Culture versus Asia, without the cliches often witnessed at the mention of the orient.

Traditionally sticking with the flamboyant nature of Asian design the outfits were nothing short of dramatic. Angular and arrogant, the outfits were short in length with everything going on up top , shapes were bold and unfussy, juxtaposing neat slices of colour and bare flesh.

Using shantung silk, pure silk and lace the designs are given richness and detail that would otherwise be lacking in the overall silhouette. He uses the “Kerawang technique (a cutwork method of creating patterns), which adds further to the subtle texture of his work.

It’s nice to know a designer doesn’t take himself as seriously as others seem to do , caps with massively oversized shade lengths appeared to be both bizarre and achingly cool, which is quite a feat. I also loved his use of colour, very bold but totally captivating. A winner all round. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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