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New York Fashion Week has come and gone and we couldn’t be more proud of the girls of Model.Live! Considering that walking New York is a first for Austria, Cato and Madeline, they’ve each gotten off to a solid start to their respective careers with plenty to build on.

Last episode we witnessed the tumult of casting week and all we can say is Madeline’s boyfriend, Jimmy, was spot on when he stated “these girls work really hard. Imagine trekking about New York City to over thirty different locales, to then sit, walk, pose and wait, somewhat flustered, for expectant news. We can only empathize.

In the end, the girls’ basked in the fruits of their labour as Cato bagged nine shows (Marc by Marc Jacobs being one of them), Austria racked up seven (DKNY was amongst the lot) while Madeline also booked seven shows (Cynthia Rowley was on the cards).

For the amount of shows the three of them booked and their performances, IMG felt the girls’ exceeded expectations. The pick of the bunch, without a doubt, was Cato who did phenomenally well and looks to be poised for a stellar season this spring.

Despite the kudos, Madeline had a sit−down talk with her IMG agents and she definitely felt otherwise about her week in New York, citing her inability to land big names as a bit of downer. However, she remains upbeat, affirming to herself that, in essence, this was a rookie outing in New York. To our bemusement, her agents felt her low, boyish cut was not in this season, cancelling her out of several shows!? Odd, but hey, these agents are meant to be all−knowing so there could be some truth to it.

We’re guessing that’s why Agyness Deyn was largely amiss at the tents this season, starring in just Anna Sui and Costello Tagliapietra. Who knows, but our hearts go out to Madeline as she was dealt a double blow by missing out on London Fashion Week—boyish cuts are definitely in vogue there. Issues with her working permit stymied what we felt would have been a strong showing for Madeline at London.

As for Austria, the IMG agents’ only concern as London Fashion Week loomed was the absence of her mother by her side. Austria’s mom is without a visa so Austria will be doing it pretty much solo with her agent, Socrates McKinney, serving as her chaperone.

Till London…

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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