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I must begin by making a beauty-related confession… counter-balance my penchant for expensive make-up I usually opt for budget-friendly hair products (and by that I mean bog standard, supermarket-brand shampoo and conditioner). For this reason I was very much looking forward to treating my poor neglected locks to a dose of Kerastase masquintense; a nourishing cream for dry and extremely sensitised hair. At £24 per 200ml it was slightly more expensive than my usual ‘products’ so I was hoping for some noticeable results.

I wasn’t disappointed. Application was really easy, two ‘hazlenut’ size amounts of product were recommended (I opted for three as I have a lot of hair). This was then worked through damp hair from root to tip and left for five minutes before rinsing. The smell was pleasant, if a little soapy but made my hair smell clean and fresh and lasted well.

After rinsing, combing was effortless and my hair looked really shiny and glossy once dry, it also felt soft to touch with all signs of dryness completely banished. If anything it was almost too clean which made it a little hard to style, however it was three days before it needed washing again! I even got comments from a couple of friends on how ‘shiny’ it looked, (which should probably teach me to steer clear of super-market bargains in future).

All in all I would definitely recommend this product, if not all year round then most definitely for taking away on holiday when your hair is most at risk of becoming dry.

A great treat: 9/10. Available at

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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