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Summer is here and with it comes scorching temperatures, humid air and, well a pleasant change of wardrobe and styling. To save yourself from the tyranny of the weather, one can consider rolling up those long sleeve shirts or ditching them in favor of a more suave short sleeve alternative. The latter option seems more viable seeing as this is the season to show some skin plus it wouldn’t seem remotely presumptuous to flaunt those biceps outside the gym!

Personally, The Sartorialist serves as a point of contact for inspired looks for any season. Digging through my archived favorites, I couldn’t help but call attention to this rather polished short sleeve shirt ensemble. First, the pairing of a club collar with a plaid tie is bold but yet equally reverential of the distinguished leanings possessed by the two items. During the early 19th century, the likes of King George IV patronized the tartan pattern which left plaid with a slew of admirers. Conversely, club or round collars rose to popularity during the 1930s as a signature of the prestigious Eaton School in Great Britain. Some naysayers claim the style has seen its glory days come and gone, but Patrik Ervell and Tim Hamilton didn’t bid adieu to the collar style in their SS08 and AW09 collections, respectively. Both designers emphasized the quirk of the club collar by letting it take the limelight sans a neck tie.

However, taking nothing away from Ervell and Hamilton’s rendition, I happen to prefer the juxtaposition of the skinny plaid tie and the contrast white club collar on this Italian gentleman. Moreover, the popularity skinny ties have garnered in recent years can help kick start a renaissance in the club collar. Gladly, Topman makes it possible to recreate this look at an affordable price. The blue and white polka dot shirt (£28.00) creates a subtle light blue hue consistent with the above ensemble, but the dotted pattern still resonates well. Round that off with a slim tartan green tie (£10.00), a pair of beige chino and perhaps this white leather plait belt (£15.00) and you may just experience a Sartorialist encounter!


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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  1. perfect look for hunks this summer. the short sleeve plus can make men look dressed up without being “too dressed up”. and since it’s summer already, this trend looks formal enough even if it shows some skin.

  2. Wow, love that look, perfect way to wear a short sleeve shirt with a tie without looking like a little boy on the way to school.
    I will definately be taking inspiration for an outfit from this

  3. Now that is a great Summer look! Love how the guy in this has rolled up the short sleeves to get that great formal / casual cross over. Need a tight cut shirt and good bod to pull it off though..

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