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After Williamson’s grand return to London Fashion Week this season. I was given the privilege of interviewing the man himself post show. But one thing to note is when I say five minutes I actually mean one minute thirty seconds.

He is of course a very busy man, and in front of me there had been about thirty journalists with four more behind me. Everyone was after a piece of the designer who has the ability to makes a woman’s heart flutter at the sight of one of his designs.

Williamson blew onto the fashion scene way back in 1996, when his fresh approach to fashion had the ‘it’ crowd going crazy for his creations. He soon became synonymous with boho chic. And even when we tucked those gypsy skirts at the very back of our cupboards, Matthew Williamson continued to reign as one of the UK’s best exports.

How does it feel to be back in London?

Very excited to be here, I’m really happy, it’s like home, I can go home to my house now, as opposed to a hotel, creature comforts and all that.

So, normally your clothes have a real ethnic feel to them, this season was far more futuristic, what was your inspiration behind the new look?

It’s just like an Evolution; I just wanted the collection to move on, to express a new silhouette, and a new idea.

Exaggerated shoulders look set to stay the ‘hot’ silhouette?

I wanted to create a strong silhouette, high waisted pants, cropped jacket, exaggerated shoulders; it creates something quite luxurious but also something quite powerful.

And your clothes celebrate a woman’s femininity, so what would you say is the most beautiful thing about a woman?

Her inner beauty.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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