Do you sometimes wish your chest looked a little fuller? Your boobs a little bigger? Two cup sizes bigger, say? Well you’re in luck – Wonderbra has introduced its biggest bust-enhancer to date, the Full Effect bra, which promises to boost you boobs by up to two cups. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to get our, er, hands on one to put through its super-pumped paces.

First off, how does it work? Well, Wonderbra’s Full Effect uses a clever (and incredibly lightweight) mix of air, gel and foam for a full, well-rounded shape. We say that in a literal sense, of course – it’s fan-shaped padding has been designed to enhance your boobs from every angle.

The result? A pert surprise, let me tell you. Now I don’t particularly need my bust to look two sizes bigger (in fact, I only just scraped into the size barrier), but I’ll welcome a bra that lifts my boobs, gives them a super-smooth shape and keeps them supported any day of the week.

And so will my boyfriend, it seems. “Have you, er, had something done?” he asks when I see him. “It’s just a new bra. Why, do I look different?” I reply. “No, but they do.” Perhaps all the evidence needed to prove this bra does what it sets out to. My boobs feel more secure than usual and, despite my usual avoidance of pumped-up pads, give me an enhanced hourglass shape that I love – and what’s more, it’s noticeable.

Luckily, it’s extremely comfortable, too. The Full Effect’s seam-free side wings are invisible under my T-shirts and sit streamlined against my skin – no red marks here. It’s a simple design, sure (to give it the required smoothness), but it’s satin straps and edging add a subtly sleek touch without being brash.

For obvious reasons, the bra only goes up to a D cup, but if you’re small-chested and need a bust-boost, I’d highly recommend Wonderbra’s Full Effect for easy enhancement. And if you’re a C or D cup thinking, as I did, you don’t need pads or bigger boobs, for lift and support alone I’d still rate it pretty highly – I really didn’t expect to love this bra as much as I did, but my pert stay-in-place-all-day bust has won me over.

Wonderbra Full Effect bra, £28 £22.40, available in black or nude in sizes 32A – 38D at Debenhams.

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