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American Fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson first exploded onto the fashion scene a little while ago now as the feisty fashion forward 12 year-old school girl, with an equally hard-hitting blog to match.

But now it seems the young fashionista is growing tired of her stylish ways, as she reflects on the fatigue she experienced at her last fashion week venture in her latest blog entry.

“Lately I’ve been looking to other places for a creative outlet and for inspiration. I miss following magazines and obsessively checking the way I used to but something is different about it now. A year ago I got to go to Paris to interview John Galliano at Dior, and a couple weeks ago today he said he loved Hitler and got fired. Fashion photographs look more posed and the Rayanne Graffs I meet at school more inspiring. I only really miss being obsessed with fashion the way you miss any aspect of a former self, in a nostalgic way, not necessarily as part of a desire to go back,” wrote Tavi.

She concludes her rather honest rant by announcing “my blog is turning away from fashion a little, naturally,” and “how depressing would it be if I was that obsessed with only fashion for three years? That’s how old my blog will be in a few days. Strange.” Yes strange indeed, but it’s supposed to be the industry you care so much about, how can you grow tired of it at such a young age?

However, if rumors are anything to go by Tavi won’t be denouncing her esteemed fashion status just yet, as her latest move is said to be a project with Sassy founder Jane Pratt, reports Fashionista. But whether she does decide to leave her exclusive front row scoops and backstage passes behind, at least she’s made the media industry stand up and pay attention to fashion bloggers!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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