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When I was growing up I spent many a happy summer on holiday in North Wales.

I loved the ice creams, charming British beaches and woke up every morning excited about the day ahead. This is apart from one year, when I was about five years old, and was playfully running along the beach with my sister.

All of a sudden I felt an almighty pain in my foot. Looking down, it became apparent that I had been stung by a jellyfish. Not the most pleasant experience for a five-year-old; I spent the rest of the holiday avoiding the beach and in a foul mood.

This is why I’m not that taken with Emma Cook’s jewelled jellyfish cardigan.

I really like Emma Cook and animal appliqués are delightfully quirky, providing the animal is cute – like a rabbit, panda or kitten. But this jellyfish is not cute in any manner.

For me, there is nothing attractive about a slimy jelly-like fish with tentacles! Ok, perhaps I am being jellyfish-ist, I mean, they must have feelings too, right? But still, there is no way I would walk around in this.

Perhaps jellyfish enthusiasts out there might think this wool cardigan is the bees knees. And if, perchance, they are reading this, I would say rock it in style with skinny jeans or leather shorts.

Personally, though, I’ll stick with my Sonia Rykiel jewelled heart cardies.

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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