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Among the 2 billion people watching the royal wedding on Friday was a surprising amount of leading designers, who tuned in to discover Kate Middleton’s dress had indeed been designed by Sarah Burton on behalf of the house of McQueen.

With a lot of love going around for the already-iconic creation, a very fashionable jury have given their verdict on Kate’s dress – Karl Lagerfeld called it “very pretty”, Valentino loved it, and Donatella Versace thought she looked beautiful – with a triumphant applause, save for Vera Wang who “would have preferred a closed neckline” and Elie Saab who “would have liked it even more with a little extra volume and longer train.”

Here’s what the fashion heavyweights had to say about Kate’s dress

Karl Lagerfeld:

“She is very elegant. The dress is classic and goes very well in the Westminster decor. It almost reminds me of (Queen) Elizabeth’s wedding, the royal weddings in the Fifties. The proportion of the train is good. The lace is very pretty. I like the veil a lot.”

Vera Wang:

“This was great for Sarah Burton, and whether it was intentional or accidental, everything worked. It is amazing and wonderful for someone who does not usually do wedding dresses to show such restraint. The dress was cut beautifully, in a subdued way. I found the fitted lace bodice and the fairly large skirt, without tiers or technical draping, just right — a modern version of a tradition that will never be outdated. I would have preferred a closed neckline, however.”

Prabal Gurung:

“I thought it was pretty and appropriate. A high-profile wedding like this is not the place for making a crazy fashion moment. It sounds like an oxymoron but it was a personal moment in a very public place. The dress clearly said she’s a modern girl and of this generation. It was not McQueen at its theatrical sense but McQueen in its quiet but beautiful sense. I loved the bustle and how her silk tulle veil was moving softly in the wind.”

Jason Wu:

“I thought Catherine’s dress looked stunning. The details were very well done and I loved the emphasis on craftsmanship and the use of British talent. Her choice to pay tribute to Alexander McQueen was both touching and exciting.”

Diane von Furstenberg:

“The dress was beautiful. I think she is irresistible, she is so beautiful. I am happy it was McQueen. It was absolutely the right thing to do. They made [the dress] simple, so it wasn’t costumey but a beautiful evening gown. I was happy for Sarah, happy for the Met, and happy for McQueen.”


“I loved the was very simple and young even if an hint of Grace Kelly’s dress spoke of 1950s! I loved the flounce on the back of the skirt and the little decoration all around the short veil. I loved the choice of the tiara: simple, pretty, very right for the dress and for her was used almost as an hairpiece to keep the hair and the veil, not as a heavy decoration. Compared to the famous Diana’s dress, Diana’s was a dress of a fairytale princess.. still a dress everybody remembers.. Kate’s one is a very pretty, modern dress that will be copied everywhere but lacks that fairytale element. Today most of the new princesses are young, modern, non-royal women who have clear ideas, independence from stiff protocol.. they want to be themselves and not anymore a symbol of the crown.”

Christian Lacroix:

“I like the dress very much, simpler than expected: A combination just in between 1956 Grace Kelly and 1947 Queen Elizabeth dress. I love the modest veil with the Queen Mother’s Thirties scroll tiara and balanced volume of the whole gown. She’s radiant; She never was so beautiful. And Prince William’s red Irish uniform is gorgeous.”

Hubert de Givenchy:

“The dress is very simple and very nice. The veil is a little flat, but because she has such a lovely face, she can afford to wear it this way. She is very pretty.”

Oscar de la Renta:

“She looked absolutely ravishing. She looked like a bride should look and she handled herself tremendously. And they look like a much loving couple. I am happy to see fresh blood coming into the family. It was a very traditional, beautiful dress which it needed to be for that kind of wedding. Most of all she devastated with her charm. Listen, she will wear anything and will look ravishing.”

Donatella Versace:

“Kate’s dress was beautiful. She looked very regal.”

Viktor & Rolf:

“Kate’s dress was simply elegant. Her hair down was a beautiful and natural touch, and the tiara was stunning. She looked as at-ease as humanly possible and was radiant. Our compliments.”

Elie Saab:

“It was a very elegant dress, subtly refined and discreet, in keeping with her style. I would have liked it even more with a little extra volume and a longer train.”


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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