Last Updated on 17th May 2011

Before Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr could give birth to her son she had to endure twenty-seven hours of labour – without any pain relief – but it seems she wasn’t the only one suffering.

Kerr refused to let her husband Orlando Bloom leave her side at any point during her entire day’s labour, and the poor man couldn’t even go to the toilet – well, in a conventional manner, that is.

“He was there every moment by my side, I never even let him go to the bathroom – he had to pee in a bottle,” says Kerr.

Aside from revealing she made her husband pee in a plastic bottle, Miranda has also offered some handy tips to new mothers wanting to get back their pre-baby bodies, reports Vogue UK.

“I practiced yoga throughout my whole pregnancy and I eat really healthily and I just continued that, really,” says Miranda, who gave birth in January. “I have been working out. I’ve been doing resistance training and some good squats, sit-ups and all that stuff.”

If only it was that easy…

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