Last Updated on 17th June 2011

Kate Middleton doesn’t need a whole entourage of people to follow and style her every move – after all, the girl’s got natural flare – so it comes as no surprise she’s only taking her hairdresser on her tour of the US and Canada.

Kate is said to have planned her entire wardrobe herself, calling a personal stylist a “waste of money” and saying that she doesn’t want to be “seen as a clothes horse” – all fair enough, if you ask us.

Sources from the palace say Kate plans on wearing clothes from her existing wardrobe, but will, without a doubt, be bringing her hairdresser, James Pryce – it takes a lot of skill to maintain those luscious locks.

The rest of the royal party will consist of the couple’s private secretary Lowther-Pinkerton, as well as press secretaries Chris Keeley, Miguel Head, Patrick Harrison, adviser Sir David Manning, and one additional secretary who has not yet been named, reports the Cut.

By the looks of it, Kate will be lacking a significant amount of female company on the trip – but hey, at least she’s got her trusted hairdresser, eh?

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