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Since the label’s first catwalk debut, McQueen has been a byword for instant fashion cool, and a certain royal wedding dress has sent the whole world falling on its knees to worship at the temple of McQueen.

Whether your style is more Kate Moss or Kate Middleton, this ring is perfect for injecting a hit of McQueen’s covetable edgy glamour into your look.

Never afraid to embrace the darker side of design, McQueen’s cult skull motif has a gothic edge that will shake up even the prettiest of outfits. The gem-studded double skull heads at opposite ends of a coiled band are reminiscent of a serpent-like shape, and the brass setting gives a desirable antique feel.

We know skulls on a McQueen piece may seem a little predictable, but trust us, this signature design is far from being a cliché; some might even call it classic.

Team this ring with androgynous daywear and vintage looks that will show off your fashion credentials and leave you looking less fashion-follower and more trend-setter.

Alexander McQueen Double Skull Ring, £150, available at Matches.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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