The only good thing about a wash out of a summer is the anticipation of finding and purchasing your new winter wardrobe, and most importantly, your winter coat.

Now, we all know how important a winter coat is – and we’re not just talking about the practicalities you need to consider – but you also need to remember you’re going to be wearing it every day.  So you need to make sure it has that all important need-it-now, love-at-first-sight factor.

Lanvin’s mohair-silk coat with a fox fur trim is sheer indulgence and glamour – the combination of modern military lapels and 1920s flapper fur trim complement each other perfectly. 

The colour of the coat will slip right into autumn’s palette as easily as it will the rest of your wardrobe, and we guaranteed you won’t get bored of wearing this luxurious Lanvin treat.

However, it is awfully pricey retailing at £5,040, and at a time when we have such great synthetic fabrics to replicate animal fur, we’re not sure the use of fox fur is entirely necessary or appropriate (and we sure as hell bet the fox who owned the tail previously most definitely didn’t think so).

Lanvin mohair-silk coat with fox fur trim, £5, 040, available at Browns.

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