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Although there has been no formal announcement from Halston Heritage concerning Sarah Jessica Parker‘s recent departure from the label, buried deep within Vogue’s “Age” issue cover story, one sentence alone confirmed the 46-year-old no longer works at the brand.

“When Sex and the City, to her own surprise, made her a fashion star, she launched her own design label and perfumes, as well as signing on to run the Halston Heritage label, a relationship that recently came to an end,” read the article.

However, the Vogue story must have been written around three months ago, so why has no official announcement from Halston been made? Not only that, why didn’t Vogue dig deeper into the reasons behind Sarah’s departure?

In April, WWD reported Halston was looking for a new funder after its investors, which include Harvey Weinstein and Hilco Consumer Capital, decided they didn’t want to put any more money into the business. The source also told the paper Halston “was definitely a viable business,” but the sale might be a tough one due to the board’s current structure and “very complicated” dynamic, reports The Cut.

Parker had also confessed in the past she never really knew what she was doing as president of the lower-priced line, and would always be an actress first and foremost.

We guess the truth will unravel in time.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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