I daresay, without the bow, I’d be heading, well, head-on for these Pedro Garcia Natalie Bow Peep-Toe Platform Shoes. I’m a HUGE fan of the platform (to look at rather than walk in) but the bow just doesn’t do it for me. These are however, rather sleek structurally, with a healthy wodge of platform and a gorgeous stiletto. The ankle straps are delicate, yet not too delicate (without them, a potential tumble is definitely possible). However, it’s just all too Mini Mouse for me. All I can see from the ankles up is the red polka dot dress (although polka dots are IN for next season…so maybe this isn’t such a bad thing).

On the other hand, in terms of next season’s key trends, they would supply a girlish touch to the harsher edge of the fetish trend. We’re talking all black, leather, fishnets, zips, the works (just hold back on the whip). The bows would provide a softer touch to an outfit that makes for the harder edge. There are limits here, however, as you don’t want to fall into that accidental gap labelled ‘gothic.’ No block shoes ladies, just because Gaga does them doesn’t mean we should.

I suggest a more directional look for your next shoe investment, and by that I mean, the new pointed stiletto. Oh yes, the points are back, and they’re pointier than ever. They’ll elongate your pins and work with anything from your midi skirt to your Stella McCartney androgynous look. Pedro Garcia Natalie Bow Peep-Toe Platform Shoes, £442, available at my-wardrobe.com

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