Uh oh….model Emily Blandberg’s feathers have been ruffled…. The model has taken to her blog to vent her anger towards American actress Sarah Jessica Parker and she did not hold back…

Emily begins by saying that SJP is not, in fact, a style icon and never should have been given such a title in the first place. Ouch!

She then continues to mention how much of a disaster her artistic director contract for Gap was, why celebrities shouldn’t be favoured over hard working models in editorial contracts and magazine cover deals, as models are, in effect, losing out on potential jobs because of this.

Sandberg ends her enslaught by asking herself why SJP is even considered a fashion icon in the first place, when everyone already knows most celebrities don’t dress themselves anyway, and employ personal stylists to do that for them.

We’re guessing you’re not a fan of the Parker then Emily, eh?

Read the full rant here.

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