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We love Acne (literally, everyone loves Acne for goodness sake). Everything the fashion label churns out is signature style-cool, with a beautiful eye for its fuss-free aesthetic. So how come every time I glance at these Acne Caesar Knee Boots I’m filled with this overriding feeling of confusion?

With their strong lines, cutting-edge sole and chunky, kick-ass heel, you’d think these boots would be the answer to everything (well, at least your Christmas wish-list that’s in careful construction). But there’s just something not right here, and for once I can put my finger on it. Literally.

What’s up with the attached flaps? Huh, Acne? Why give such a cool, beautiful boot something so aesthetically displeasing when it was perfect in the first place? It’s like there’s been some sort of inexplicable packaging accident, where little flaps have fallen onto the shoe in confusing places, or someone in the production stage has forgotten to trim off a little bit of overlapping leather. And, after all that, they’re quite expensive, too.

If this isn’t a design fault, I hope to receive my pair through the post with attached scissors so I can trim that bit off myself.

Acne Black Caesar Knee High Boot, £600, available at

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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