Rachel Berry would frown upon this, surely? Lea Michele hit the American Horror Story red carpet in a super-duper mini dress that is in actual fact sold as a top.

Learocked the red carpet in a good old ASOS number when she turned up to the premiere of Glee creator Ryan Murphy’s new show. We do love it when celebs wear high street, but we don’t usually condone the absence of trousers where trousers are clearly necessary.

This would normally leave us in a bit of a pickle, but for some reason, Ms Michele has actually pulled it off. Call it the high neck-line and subtle hair and make-up, or the fact that Lea is a very petite lady with a wholesome image… we can’t really explain how or why, but it somehow works for her, so we’ll just leave it at that.

This look does, however, come with one of those ‘don’t try it at home’ warnings – unless you suddenly turn into an all-singing, all-dancing star overnight, may we suggest some trousers, tights or leggings?

[Coco Perez] 

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