Kelly, Kelly, Kelly! we love you on X Factor and your overtly American turn of phrase. We also love the way you big up the Sisterhood as Beyoncé’s best friend, but we certainly don’t love this dress.

Leaving the X Factor studios last night and fresh from filming the live eviction, Kelly chose to exit the building in this revealing pink dress.

While we love the colour, which works wonderfully with Kelly’s skin tone, the slit opening at the front turns it from classy to cheap.

It’s fine to reveal a peek of lingerie now and again, girl, but flashing nearly all of your bra is a faux pas by anybody’s standards.

That being said, you do go some way to redeem yourself with those show-stopping diamond earrings and shiny superstar hairdo.

You’re still our favourite judge, Kel, but in the future please leave those outlandishly revealing outfits to the contestants.

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