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If we can guarantee anything, it’s that these chilly days are only going to get colder. And, whilst we know we need to adopt a new routine to accommodate the drop in temperature, here’s betting you haven’t actually got a plan in place yet.

Don’t worry, we hadn’t either, but we do now, thanks to CakeStyle. CakeStyle, if you’re not familiar, is a personal shopping service propped up be a team of expert stylists who select the most flattering fashions of the season, according to your preferences, and ship them straight to your door every three months.

So who better than Cecelia Myers, CakeStyle‘s founder and ceo, to share her super savvy tips on staying stylish – and toasty – this season? Here’s to a warm and fashionably fabulous winter, girls!

1. Moisturise like it’s your job
Models will often say they feel they are paid to moisturise their skin. If you could take it on at least part time, that would be great. Winter is incredibly harsh on your skin, between the colder temperatures and the dryness. Your skin is the foundation of every outfit – it doesn’t need to be perfect, but slathering lotion on your face and body will help prevent future damage. Just remember, it’s not an old handbag that you can put in your closet when it starts to get banged up; it’s your skin and you’ve got it for life. Some of CakeStyle’s favourite moisturisers are by Aveeno and Arcona.

2. The all-day scarf.
They’re not just for under your jacket – scarves are a chic way to dress up a dull outfit, and they keep you warm. You can wear it long around your shoulders, loop it once or ruffle it up around your neck. Scarves come at a lot of different price points too, from the fabulous Hermès to some gorgeous options at Target.

3. Tights!
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, tights just rock. They keep your legs warm, suck you in and add style to any look. If you’re daring, wear a wool skirt with a raspberry tight. If you need to stay more conservative, check out Spanx for their more conservative patterned tights and great fit.

4. Colour
It’s huge this year, and the brights of summer have moved into rich jewel tones for autumn. Buy amethyst, cobalt and topaz with a few boozy cabernet and burgundies thrown in for measure. Colour blocking is still also popular. To do this for the office, try a brighter colour on the area of the body you’d like to emphasise and darker colour for the area you’d like to minimise.

5. Everything, all at once
If you want to wear leather with fur and plaid, the season is nigh. We’ve been seeing all sorts of textures, colours and patterns on the runway for winter. I swear, though, you can do this at home if you stick to a few simple rules. First, choose two or three strong pieces to put together, rather than 10. For example, a leather jacket with a brushed sequin skirt and a lightly patterned or textured tight. Even niftier about this trend? It plays well with layers to keep you toasty.

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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