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Who: Bora Aksu 

What: Bora eased us into London Fashion Week with a romantic collection, comprised of soft hues, subtle prints and feminine silhouettes. You usually know what’s coming as far as Bora Aksu is concerned, and we thought we were in for a predominantly pale and pastel collection, but we were also treated to some bright orange and fuchsia tints that crept up on us towards the end of the show. We didn’t expect it,  but loved it nonetheless.

Highlights: Call us crazy, but we liked seeing Kitty Brucknell lapping up the attention of the photographers on the front row. We also loved the clutch bags that were introduced mid collection… you can never have too many clutches!

Lowlights: We would have liked to see a smidgeon of that darker, gothier Bora Aksu signature, akin to his previous pieces, even if it was just one look.

Overall: The tight-fitting, detailed, multi-material clothes were great, but the styling was impeccable. Most of the dresses were teamed with zany printed black and grey leggings which we totally loved as they gave the collection some of that trademark Bora edginess.

Word on the street was that celeb stylist and good friend to Alexa Chung Leith Clark styled the collection, whose influence you can clearly see within each look. You know the big bow ties and Peter Pan collars had something to do with her – Alexa will be all over them!

A fab way to start fashion week in our opinion. Bora Aksu gets better collection by collection. We hope he isn’t changing his direction and inspiration completely although Leith Clark’s influence has definitely not gone unnoticed.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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