Last Updated on 27th March 2012

As much as we love ruffling through old clothes and accessories at vintage shops up and down the country, we feel the same way about sifting through archives on the world wide web. 

Our love of vintage meant that we stumbled upon a video that has been circulating the net these past few days, which involves a 70s newscaster warning viewers of the dangers of platform shoes.

Despite all the supposed health warnings, ladies didn’t seem to mind rocking the height-giving shoes in the 70s, and we definitely don’t mind them now, so think of it less as an informative news piece and more of an entertaining look-back at opinions, life and fashion 40 years ago.

It’s definitely well worth a watch, if not just to gaze at the fashions of the decade and get some inspiration – just in case you want to infuse a small seventies flare into your spring/summer wardrobe. Plus, there’s some feel-good music in the background that’s guaranteed to make you want to have a little wiggle in your chair. And the presenter does a funny walk in his platforms at the end… enjoy!



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