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It’s probably the most romantic month of the year, what with Kate and Wills seeing in a year as royal couple on April 29! And that could only mean one thing: its wedding season!

Even though the royal couple didn’t officially confirm April as ‘marriage month’  – that’s been happening for quite some time – wouldn’t it be great to tie the knot around the time the man with unmatchable charm and the woman with the most photographed wardrobe decided to do so?

OK, even though April is officially over, it doesn’t mean you have to halt you wedding plans for another 11 months, and to help set you off, we’ve picked out the perfect mix of wedding rings to ensure your big day is nothing short of perfect.

Good enough for us to consider getting hitched, the wedding ring selection at Celtic Wedding Rings promises a brush with a beautiful artisanal history.

Creating wedding rings inspired by the ancient Celtic and Irish cultures, Celtic Wedding Rings offer three exclusive ranges to choose your wedding ring from: Celtic, Irish and Claddagh, all of which boast intricate designs and craftsmanship using white and yellow gold or silver.

The designs offer a beautiful depiction of historical references, including the ever-binding ‘Celtic Knot’ and native Celt names for the rings such as ‘Briana’ (for her: meaning noble and virtuous) and ‘Cathal’ (for him: meaning all mighty and a great warrior). Irish heritage is reflected though the iconic Claddagh ring, said to have been first crafted more than 300 years ago in Claddagh, a fishing village on Galway Bay.

Make your wedding ring feel like an heirloom and mark the biggest day of your life with an alternative and exquisite touch of history.

Shown above (From left to right): Gormla ladies Claddagh 14k white gold wedding ring, £1675.83; Briana Celtic yellow gold wedding ring, £571.75; Ciaran Irish 10k white gold with yellow trim wedding ring, £768.91 all available at

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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