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For those who don’t have Carrie Bradshaw style walk-in wardrobes (and that is actually most of us!), organising one can be quite a daunting task.

We’ve all been there – unable to find that one thing we are looking for and, as a result, end up throwing out the contents of our wardrobes onto a pile on the floor only to find it had slipped off the hanger and was the bottom of the wardrobe all along.

So, we’ve put together a short, simple, but very effective list to help you keep your wardrobe organised through all seasons.

Never again will you rummage through your wardrobe in a frenzy trying to find that trusty LBD

1. Keep it season specific

Admittedly, this is easier said than done, especially in a country that had sweltering heat in early March and currently has bucket-loads of rain in July, but you get the general idea. Tuck the winter staples away during sunnier months and vice versa.

It also helps to have a clear-out at the end of each season. Sort your clothes into “keep” and “donate” piles to ensure it stays current and you’re always as fashion forward as possible.

As you sort through your clothes, you may decide that it’s time to upgrade or change your fashion style. As you age and fashion trends evolve, you may want to keep up by investing in new pieces.

Remember that what you wear reflects your personality and affects your interpersonal relationships and career image.

Hence, diversifying your wardrobe can help boost your self-confidence when facing others. 

If you’re looking to replace your old or out-of-season clothes, there are many reputable clothing stores online, such as Diesel Outlet, and physical shops that sell high-quality shirts, jeans, and other items.

Ensure you buy the best designs matching your personality and style with the perfect fit to update your wardrobe. 

2. Make sure there’s a place for everything…

… and everything goes in its place. We’re not asking you to get all Monica from Friends, but reserving certain areas of your wardrobe for certain pieces will help you find them when you’re in a hurry.

Basically, keep your dresses, shirts, tops etc all together (if you’re really keen, you can organise these by colour and occasion!)

You can reserve the top shelf of your closet for formal wear, the middle shelf for casual wear, and the bottom for workout clothes. Keep your socks and underwear in a drawer. Moreover, you can assign a section of your closet for accessories, such as scarves, hats, and jewelry. 

Additionally, labelling everything can help you track what’s in your wardrobe. The same is true when using dividers, creating separate compartments for different types of clothing.

Label stickers are relatively inexpensive and come in different colors.

Furthermore, you can use customized labels with your name or initials to ensure your clothes don’t get mixed up with a loved one’s garments if you share the same closet.

3. Get a shoe rack

There’s nothing worse than storing your shoes in a deep box.

Apologies to anyone who does this, but who wants to spend a small fortune on some statement shoes only to throw them in the same box you stash the trainers you wore to Zumba?

No one! Investing in a shoe rack also avoids you finding one shoe and then rummaging elbow deep through a box to try and find the other one, only to find it 20 minutes later in a shapeless, sorry looking state.

4. Note that size really does matter!

Yep, size really is crucial when it comes down to organising your wardrobe. If you’re lucky enough to have a wardrobe with a top and bottom rail, organising your clothes according to size really is key here.

Keep all your short shorts and mini skirts together so you can place that aforementioned shoe rack neatly underneath without long dresses and trousers touching them.

You don’t want to have them all mixed up otherwise your favourite hotpants might get lost in a sea of flared denim. Not ideal!

Hanger size is also important so try and get identical hangers to ensure everything drops evenly.

5. Remember that other places exist too

You don’t have to store every single thing you own in your wardrobe. Keep casual clothes that don’t need to be hung up (such as gymwear, sleepwear etc) in a chest of drawers instead.

You’ll appreciate the extra space.

If your room accommodates it, put the shoe rack on the floor and use the extra wardrobe space underneath short clothes to store handbags.

Always stuff your bags with paper to retain their shape and if possible, keep them in scratch-proof dust bags.

Another great way to store handbags is on a hat-stand. You can also hang long necklaces on there too!

Don’t leave your jewellery out to collect dust – always tuck it away! If you haven’t got the room for various jewellery boxes, dedicate one drawer to your jewellery and divide it up into different sections for rings, bracelets etc.

Wrap necklaces in cotton wool to stop them tangling.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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