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Diamonds are a girls best friend. Yes. But, for us, all jewellery, especially luxury jewels are our best buddies. So, naturally we jumped at the chance to interview fine jewellery designer Kat Florence.

Her extremely sought after, timeless statement jewels created from rare stones, can only be purchased online and exclusively through auction houses.

Due to be released later this year, Kat’s recent project titled the Diamond Collection sees her partnering with actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, who not only acts as co-designer but is also the face of the campaign. Here, we get to know more about the Canadian born designer.


What’s a typical working day like for you? 

My daily routine begins quite simply with my two dogs and a morning walk. Once the dogs are sorted I begin working with the gemstones – everything I do begins with the stones. I find such motivation and inspiration for my designs and the cut of the stones just by taking the time to fully engage/take in the color, shape, luster of each individual stone. Once I have a feeling for the stone I can begin to visualize how I want the gemstone to be set and be placed on a woman’s body. The vision is clear and the sketching can begin.


What do you enjoy most about working with rare gems? 

I think I enjoy most that each one is so different, the color, the origin, the cut, the history – each stone has its own story which I find so inspiring. I am very lucky to have worked with the rarest gemstones in the world. One of my very first pieces was a 5carat Kashmir Sapphire – an incredibly rich velvet blue stone which I secured in the Himalayan mountains – very rare.

Most treasured piece of jewellery?

I have a very simple gold locket with a 1carat Ruby on the front – my grandmother always wore this locket… In every memory I have of her I can see the oval gold locket and the brilliant Ruby. Inside the locket is a picture of my brother and I. I treasure this piece even though it has no real monetary value, it is invaluable to me.


Can you give us your top tip for creating a work/life balance? 

Living between Bangkok and Rome allows me to daily enjoy the most most amazing food, incredible scenery and regular Thai massages (amazing for jet lag). I try to walk each day to get out of my head and initiate new thoughts and ideas. An evening with great friends has amazing therapeutic effects for me, but most of all I find I need to get away from my office and take in something entirely different, like a movie, show, music… I need to let myself enjoy and engage another facet in order to open my own creativity. I travel so much and it is very important for me to stay balanced through truly engaging those simple things in life.

What beauty item could you absolutely not live without?

I could not live without La mer facial cream, it has restored my face after I spent many years damaging it on the Australian Coast.

Favourite holiday destination & why?

There is this beautiful little undeveloped island off the coast of Thailand called Koh Kook, I love it. Whenever I have the opportunity I head there and take in the beaches, jungle, food and stillness. It is so beautiful and so untouched.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

The ultimate piece of advice I have ever been given was ” you are entirely responsible for creating your own happiness.”  I have always known this, but more recently the understanding of this action became clear. I tend to be overly concerned with creating happiness for others and waiting for a desired scenario to feel happy – once I understood this simple direction my life changed.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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