Last Updated on 19th October 2013

Whether you’re dressing for a job interview or your weekly Monday morning meeting with your staff, dressing the right way is crucial to making the right impression. Do you dress to impress? Do you express yourself in a professional manner for your 9-5 office job?

Follow these easy-to-apply tips and stand out from your coworkers:

If you’re in an entry level position and your lifelong dream has been to run company as a CEO, what are you doing about it? Some say that success starts with how you feel about yourself, and if you look good, you feel good. Furthermore, when you dress professionally in a well co-ordinated outfit, you send a powerful statement to everyone you come across – prospective clients, your co-workers, and particularly your boss.

Plan Your Wardrobe the Night Before

If you have ever experienced having to put together your outfit in a matter of minutes (because you slept through your alarm…again) you’re not alone. But if you want to stand out from the pack and always look well put together, plan your outfit the night before.

Pair your sweater with a pair of hoop earrings; make sure your heels are the right shade of grey for your pencil skirt, and spend a couple extra minutes in the morning creating a polished hairstyle. Small changes in your work attire today can over time lead to big results in the near future.

Adhere to your Company’s Dress Code Strictly

Dressing down if your company has a strict dress code is a big faux pa. Some businesses are casual about their dress code (jeans paired with a nice blouse are the norm) while others are insistent on business casual (slacks, blazer, tie, skirts, matching coordinates).

Do you ever question if you’re dressing appropriately? If so, pay attention to what the upper-level directors of your company are wearing, and don’t be afraid to mimic them. Are they wearing a dress
or dressy capris pants? Do you notice that everyone on your floor has polished fingernails, hair down but styled and lipstick reapplied throughout the day? Blend in. By wearing clothes at work that contrast nicely to what your colleagues are wearing, you let everyone around you know that you’re a professional.

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