Last Updated on 2nd September 2012

It happens every year. A new group of freshers head off to their various universities with their heads full of ideas and a plan to budget their loan – but those plans quickly go out of the window in rush of spending on clothes and nights out.

With summer giving way to autumn there’s no doubt freshers will need some new clobber, and looking good is important for many people and the first impression they make on their peers. However, being a bit smarter about the way you shop should ensure you aren’t broke by October!

For affordable autumn fashion, versatile hoodies and shirts are a good idea. Take a look at the Voi Jeans range available at Scotts Menswear as an example. Smart hoodies which can be worn either when lounging around the dorm or on a night are very useful, and don’t have to cost the earth. This versatility is the key to getting the most out of your spending – if one garment can be used in different outfits for different occasions, you won’t have to buy as many pieces. Polo shirts are excellent at lending themselves to both casual and formal looks, depending what you pair them with. The colour choice is yours, but just remember that loud colours will be less versatile than more traditional shades.

Padded shirts are also a good bet for autumn, giving you a smart-casual look which keeps the chill out on those windier days. This makes them a good alternative to the jacket, meaning they are a good money saver. To avoid being seen in the same jacket day after day you may be tempted to buy more than one, but jackets are usually more expensive. Layering with a padded shirt is a cheaper way around this.

However, being frugal with your fashion spending doesn’t mean you have to ignore the trends, just keep an eye on what’s hot and use this as inspiration that you can apply to cheaper brands.

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