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Accessorising doesn’t end with a sexy pair of shoes or some delicious arm candy, oh no. Changing the colour of your eyes is all the rage in celebville right now, and not just for Halloween!

We’ve seen the celebs regularly sport different coloured eyes in the fashion glossies, but coloured contact lenses are the best way to go about it without someone some post-production Photoshopping.

Some famous faces love their coloured contacts so much that their natural eye colours might surprise you! Did you know that the newly-engaged Jennifer Aniston actually has brown eyes, but swears by her blue contact lenses to complement her blonde hair and bronzed skin tone?

Drew Barrymore disguises her naturally blue eyes with a sultry set of brown contact lenses, which we reckon makes the rest of her gorgeous features stand out even more.  Penelope Cruz looks stunning regardless of what she wears on her body, face, feet and eyes, but we can definitely see why she prefers her green contact lenses; juxtaposed with her gorgeous Mediterranean features, she stands out even more than usual!

So, when you’re planning your outfit for your next big party, don’t forget your eyes! If you’re going somewhere kitsch and quirky, don a pair of oversized glasses – geek chic has never been hotter. If you want to make your aquatic dress do all the talking, tone down your piercing blue eyes with some subtle brown contacts so all the attention remains on your dress or if you want something more permanent you can get eye laser surgery and show off your big beautiful eyes! The choices are practically endless!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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