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We all know that smug feeling when you land something that looks deceptively expensive, but in reality, it isn’t!

Our roundup of lust-worthy accessories are a case in point, as they all have the ‘gilt-edged’ factor in common, minus the Hèrmes-esque price tag.

The benefits of savvy spending are endless, so when you spot a high end style projecting piece snap it up quicker than Jay-Z signs new talent, because, let’s face it, a top-to-toe designer look is neither original nor financially beneficial!

We especially love the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012 inspired alice band with ornate, baroque detailing, and if you quiver at the thought of spending near £300 on a Michael Kors watch (a.k.a The Blogger’s Watch), or worse still, splurging on a Rolex, and are partial to misplacing valuable possessions by desirable designers, then River Island have the perfect pocket-friendly, no-sweat-if-you-lose-it alternative.

If minaudières (posh for small hard box) are your thing but Jason Wu’s sky high prices cause you to hyperventilate, then Topshop’s version will put a smile on your face, while a knuckleduster at Stylistpick is just as attention-grabbing as the Alexander McQueen original, and with a prettier price tag, too!

OK, we’ll let you get on with snapping up the accessories that’ll make you the envy of your fashion pack, not to mention that smug savvy spender smile you’ll be sporting. ADR’s lifestyle on an intern’s budget personified….

1. Croc frame crossbody bag, £35, available at Topshop

2. Plate and spike detail waist belt, £15, available at Asos

3. Silver and rose gold tone contrast watch, £35, available at River Island

4. Olympia Gold knuckle duster boxy clutch, £25, available at Stylistpick

5. Cameo Premium statement stone necklace, £85, available at Asos

6. Light purple marabou bobble hat, £35, available at River Island

7. Black baroque embroidered alice band, £28, available at River Island

8. Rhinestone curver ear cuffs, £15, available at Topshop

9. Leather woven gloves, £22, available at Topshop

10. Tokyo Jane bracelet, £32, available at Zalando

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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