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When it comes to loungewear, every fashion bod with a discerning eye for style makes concessions. Well, who wouldn’t after witnessing the super-snug existence of the onesie!

Verging on fashion’s alternative to Marmite, you’re bound to share a love-hate relationship with the onesie and find yourself asking this repeatedly: Is it appropriate? Is it an adult babygrow? Answer: Yes. But do take its revival with a pinch of salt!

Justin Bieber, Rihanna and One(sie) Direction (geddit?) are all fans of the onesie, and even the D-listers, namely the TOWIE cast, have been getting in on the one-piece action.

But before you’re swept into the cosy world of onesie-wearing, let’s get some fashion facts straight. Although it maybe all-enveloping, do not mistake the onesie for a jumpsuit! The former is for the potato couch within you who thinks nothing of surviving a weekend on microwave popcorn and watching re-runs of Come Dine with Me whilst scoffing stuffed crust pizza. The latter is to be worn with heels to events that demand a chic overspill of the Seventies.

Considering you’re going to be lounging around in it all day, opting for bright colours and wacky prints won’t hurt your style cred, so take a look through our top five picks for a little inspiration and plan that grown up slumber party pronto!

1. Le Breve candy pink lightweight onesie, £69.99

2. Soul Cal Deluxe Fair Isle onesie, £50

3. Grey coloured tiger print onesie, £30

4. Onepiece Nordic pattern onesie, £139

5. Ellie knitted contrast hood striped onesie, £30

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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