Well this is a stark contrast to last year’s Christmas card from the Kardashian klan isn’t it? Sorry, clan – force of habit!

2011 was a bit doom and gloom for the Kardashians if their Christmas card was anything to go by, and that’s not really far off considering Kim Kardashian didn’t have the best romantic luck that year.

Luckily for the Kardashians (and the people who actually get sent one of their Christmas cards) this year’s offering has a much more positive outlook. Gone are the haunting blue hues, as they have been replaced with something much purer and happier – we assume the way the family intend their 2013 to go.

We wonder why Kanye West wasn’t part of the card though… what could he possibly have been doing on the day of the photoshoot? It’s not like he was too busy working on his new womenswear collection…



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