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If you’ve looked out the window today, you’ll notice that it’s a bit doom and gloom and our Indian summer might well and truly be over. Cue several months of weather-based misery and endless complaining!
However, as we’re of the belief that the glass is half full we’ve decided to look at the positives. The gloomy weather outside means we can look forward to lots of nights in front of the TV. If your TV is on its last legs though or you just fancy spending some of your work bonus money, maybe you and your girlfriend or housemates should think about investing in one of Sony’s brand spanking new Smart TV range.
They’re perfect for those of you who love both technology and TV – and let’s face it, that’s pretty much everyone! The majority of Sony’s new TVs come with pretty ground-breaking technology, from built in internet connection to Full HD 3D and 4K Ultra HD viewing, and more.
There’s a lot that both you and your girlfriend can do with one of Sony’s new Smart TVs. Great for you to watch all the latest and greatest sporting action on, and even better for her to watch all her favourite soaps and talent shows on (watching Julien Macdonald waltz away on Strictly Come Dancing and checking out Nicole Scherzinger’s outfits on The X Factor are a few particular highlights), not to mention all the great movies you can cuddle up on the sofa to watch together. If you’re up for trying something new then you can stream HD films, songs, and TV programmes on the Sony Entertainment Network.
You can also show all your friends your recent holiday snaps by connecting your smartphone to the TV and displaying them on the Smart TV – no more passing the phone round tens of different people and getting your phone dirty! Your friends will be equally as jealous of your beach holiday and your new technology.
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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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