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If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you can damage both your physical and mental health. You won’t be able to concentrate during the day and you will become increasingly short-tempered. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep.

1. Sleep comfortably, sleep well
A night of broken sleep can be just as damaging as too little sleep. If your mattress needs changing, try and buy a new one. The range of mattresses at the Divan Beds Centre, for example, will give you choice, and, potentially, a better night’s sleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed, you won’t have circles under your eyes, and you’ll also be more alert.

2. Improve your health through a good night’s sleep
The NHS recommends that you have at least eight hours sleep a night. Your health will suffer if you don’t receive sufficient sleep.

3. Your memory is better after a good night’s rest
If you’re studying for exams, or even just trying to work efficiently, you’ll soon notice that if you haven’t slept well your memory will suffer. The mind consolidates the day’s events and tasks when you sleep.

4. You’ll be less accident-prone
Many people are prone to accidents if they haven’t slept properly. The website Total Health points out that one of the dangers of sleep deprivation is an inability to concentrate that can lead to accidents. Different ages need different amounts of sleep, and as we get older, we may need less.

5. Boost your immune system with sleep
No one wants to catch a cold or any other infection, and one way to prevent this is to boost your immune system with sufficient nighttime rest. If you are tired and run down, you are more likely to catch every bug that’s around.

6. Sleep is good for your mental health
Your mind needs to rest as well as your body. If you don’t sleep for long enough, you’ll soon find that you are more anxious in the day. Clinical depression and other mood disorders can be triggered as a result of a lack of sleep.

7. Sleep can help your fertility
If you’re trying for a baby, you may find that your fertility is improved as a result of a good night’s sleep. Fertility is damaged in response to a lack of sleep, as your body will cut down on its secretion of vital reproductive hormones, for more information on fertility, visit

8. You can develop heart disease if you don’t sleep enough
Your body needs to rest in order to retain your health. Scientists have discovered that high blood pressure and an increased heart rate all respond favourably to a good night’s sleep.

9. You’ll look more beautiful if you sleep
An article in the Daily Mail reveals that a rested body will look more beautiful. Sleep is the perfect time for the skin to re hydrate, and this is also the time when damaged cells can regenerate.

10. Stimulate melatonin through a good night’s rest
The body’s natural sleep hormone, melatonin, can prolong longevity and, in some instances, protect against the onset of degenerative disease. The body produces this valuable hormone when we sleep, and scientists have only recently discovered the benefits of melatonin.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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