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It’s long been known the Mediterranean-style diet is particularly healthy and many believe that may be, in part, because of its reliance on olive oil. However, away from cooking with it and smearing our already prepared pasta with it, another form of olive oil is becoming more and more fashionable nowadays – and, thus, selling by the bucket load. It’s ozonated olive oil.

Now, to the uninitiated, ozonated olive oil may sound a little odd. Why on earth is it so popular? Well, its major selling point comes down to maybe its most recognised benefit – it’s especially good for skin. In fact, it’s been around for decades, apparently having been accidentally discovered around a century ago when it was found tuberculosis could be treated via breathing in ozone through an oil. Following further experimentation, the oil was converted into a gel to act as a healing salve for an assortment of health problems – not least skin conditions.

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Nowadays, ozonated olive oil is mass produced, but via a very particular, assured method. It involves bubbling ozone into high-quality, cold-pressed virgin olive oil for an extended amount of time via a cold plasma generator. Note: when a corona generator is used for this process, a lower quality, less pure form of ozonated olive oil is the result; so be sure to try and find out how your product’s been prepared and manufactured before you purchase it.

Benefits for the skin

Ozonated olive oil can be applied directly to your skin, just like a cream. Its properties enable it to help stimulate skin cell regeneration, sterilise and clean wounds, ease inflammation and lessen irritation – all of which means it generally aids healing time. More specifically it’s great for:

  • Treating acne, psoriasis and eczema – acting as a natural antioxidant, it encourages toxins and lactic acid out of the skin’s pores and aids the ridding of dirt and bacteria; its antibacterial nature makes it especially ideal for combating acne
  • Removing wrinkles – again, thanks to its antioxidant properties; it’s also great for ensuring age spots are less visible
  • Making scars and stretch marks less visible
  • Acting as a moisturiser – apply for 20 minutes and then remove
  • Treating yeast infections and sweat gland infections
  • Relieving sunburn.

Other benefits

Additionally, ozonated olive oil may help to:

  • Treat cuts, burns and wounds – obviously if you’ve suffered a severe wound, you should seek medical assistance immediately, but for minor, bites, burns, lesions and wounds, ozonated olive oil may well aid healing.
  • Combat cold sores – try applying it three times daily
  • Treat athlete’s foot or nail fungus – soak your foot in a bath or bowl for around 10 minutes, dry it and then apply some ozonated olive oil
  • Relieve sore muscles – rub it into the muscles for aches or pains
  • Keep your teeth healthy – you might apply it to your toothbrush and to your gums with a toothpick or cotton swab; a 2012 study suggests that, when used in addition to root planning or scaling treatment, ozonated olive oil saw ‘significant improvements’ for subjects.
  • Treat haemorrhoids – pain may be relieved and skin healed as, again, it’s a natural, soothing, anti-inflammatory treatment
  • Relieve baby diaper rash – it’s a natural treatment to apply to your baby’s skin, as it contains no potentially harmful, non-natural chemicals
  • Treat herpes – may help with symptoms of the complaint in the short-term.

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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