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When you’re juggling several things at once, studying for your MSN to DNP online and perhaps even working at the same time, you might simply not have the time to commit to a complicated beauty routine. If you barely have enough time for everything else that you need to do, then you’ve probably found yourself leaving looking good until the last minute. Luckily, the good news is that there are some simple tips and tricks which will help you to look your best in no time at all. Here are some of the best:

Tip #1. Use a Tinted Moisturizer

When it comes to applying makeup, busy student nurses may not have the time for lengthy applications of different products. Switching to a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation will help to cut down the amount of time that you spend applying makeup since it does more than one job, helping to keep your skin moisturized, protected from the sun, and providing a full coverage at the same time.

Tip #2. Get Handy Hair Accessories

Many online doctoral nursing programs, such as those offered by Regis College, will require you to be working as a nurse as well. If you’re working and studying at the same time, then you probably give very little thought to styling your hair and have probably mastered the quick ponytail or scooping your hair up into a bun by now. However, there are several hair accessories, such as bun donuts, which are perfect for keeping your hair out of the way when you’re working with patients and will help to give you a classy style that looks like it’s taken ages to perfect. Don’t forget to keep loads of hair grips handy, too!

Tip #3. Have Your Eyebrows Shaped

Even if you’ve been able to spend a little more time than usual on your appearance, unkempt eyebrows can quickly take away from your look. Having your eyebrows shaped by a professional will keep them neat and tidy and you’ll look far more put together even if you’re wearing minimal makeup or no makeup at all. If your eyebrows are fairly thin and need to be penciled in, then why not consider microblading, which will free up time from your beauty routine by giving you thicker and more defined eyebrows.

Tip #4. Boost Your Nighttime Skincare Routine

Whilst many student nurses work unsociable hours and you might find yourself working through the night more than once, you can probably agree that you have a little bit more time when you return home as opposed to when you’re getting ready to head out. Before you go to bed, take some time to look after your skin – make sure that you are not going to bed with your makeup still on, and apply a good moisturizer before bed. This can actually help to save you time in the morning since your skin will be softer and fresh.

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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