Last Updated on 21st January 2020

Chance are this new year, like us, you’ve decided to get fit. But, the truth is, if we don’t feel good, we’re unlikely to even want to workout. Looking the part plays a huge role in whether or not you make it to the gym and give it all you’ve got or decide to curl up on the sofa, watching Netflix with a large glass of wine. Here we offer some straightforward tips to help you stay motivated just by looking and feeling your best.

Be comfortable 

Your glam bra might look great but we’re willing to bet, its probably not very comfortable. Hit the gym in attractive yet comfy underwear that boosts your self esteem, ensuring you feel at the top of your game. After all, confidence is sexy. Offering the best in functional underwear, online retailer Knix has a great selection of sports bras and leakproof underwear that tick all the right boxes and best of all will make sure you stay sweat free.  

Keep it simple

Steer clear of heavy make-up that’ll only result in a messy post workout look. Instead apply waterproof mascara to enhance the eyes and a little lipgloss. There’s no need for blush, as chances are you’ll have a natural glow and ditch the foundation, it’ll only clog your pores. Instead, let your skin breathe, and opt for as natural a look as possible. 

Invest in fab gym wear

Avoid going for the safe option of black and consider funky patterned gym wear in bold colours to boost your mood. Consider a trendy pair of sneakers that’ll motivate you to actually want to workout, especially when you’re feeling super lazy and don’t forget to treat yourself to a brand new gym bag too! 

Say no to elaborate hairstyles

You may love wearing your hair down, but if you’re planning on taking on a gruelling workout then this is a big no, no, (that is, if you’re hoping to still look sane post workout). Instead keep your hair away from your face either in a ponytail or bun to stay looking neat.

Steer clear of the mirrors

While it may be tempting, especially if you want to be sure your form is accurate, watching yourself workout is definitely not advisable. Rather than having a positive effect, it can ultimately be incredibly distracting and unhealthy if you’re prone to be highly critical of yourself.

Listen to music

It’s no secret that listening to music can help boost our confidence. So crank up your tunes, forget about your worries and for a moment in time focus on exercising and losing yourself in the music. You’ll feel great and the escapism is priceless

Plan your workouts in advance

Rather than randomly moving from one piece of equipment to another, do some research and tailor make a workout to achieve specific results. For example are you hoping to tone up or would you really like to lose some extra weight on your tummy? Having a plan and knowing exactly what you want to achieve will do wonders for your overall confidence especially when you start to see results.


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