The Metrosexual Male

Last year, the coiner defined the term in its expanded form: “The typical metrosexual is a young man with money to spend, living in or within easy reach of a metropolis — because that’s where all the best shops, clubs, gyms and hairdressers are.”

I must say that I have noticed the change in males of recent. For me the metrosexual male is the straight man who is completely comfortable with his feminine side.

The term has been embraced by at least one sports megastar. (A mere superstar is no longer a big deal, as top-billing inflation roars ahead; keep your eye on “gigastar.”) The celebrity most often associated with the word is David Beckham, the British soccer player. Beckham wears designer clothes off the field, has been seen in sarongs and nail polish and boasts a different hairstyle every week.

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