Who is Rachel Zoe?

Been spending your days wondering why, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan have gradually started to look like each other? Well wonder no more, their “look is the work of celebrity stylist of the moment Rachel Zoe.

With a long list of celebrity clients including Kate Hudson, Mischa Barton, Enrique Iglesias and Salma Hayek, Zoe commands up to approx. $6000 a day for her work and is notably more fashion obsessed than most.

Her look is very glam boho, (think 1970’s, Kate Moss and Tom Ford), and in response to her critics who claim she’s simply creating clones of herself, Zoe says,

“I’m not trying to make people look like me. But when you spend a lot of time with someone, you rub off on each other. I think I’m kind of an older sister to Lindsay and Nicole.”

Majoring Rachel Zoe shopping with Nicole Richie in sociology and psychology, her background doesn’t consist of any formal fashion training. Previous fashion experience came from dressing herself and friends. After college a move to New York resulted in working for YM magazine as a stylist and after four years Zoe turned freelance.

Describing her job as pressurised and often experiencing sleepless nights, the demand for her work and others in her field, confirms the growing need for stylists within the celebrity circuit.

Like many careers it takes a lot of determination, networking (as who know and who knows you could result in a big break) and most of all originality.

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