Lets hope it doesnt catch on


My heart nearly stopped when a friend of mine sent the image above with the subject line “How Long before its here? My response? NEVER! Apparently the Jeans Bikini Pant is a trend instigated by the Brazilians that is now infecting teen girls in Japan, which is a shame seeing as the Japanese are usually so on point when it comes to fashion.


I seriously can’t see the appeal and this is one trend I do not wish to see on the high street. I only just about managed to survive the whole “thong showing above a pair of hipsters and don’t think my heart can take this travesty. And to think all it’d take for it to become a regular sighting on the streets would be for Kate Moss to be pictured in a pair which would promptly be added to her collection for Topshop…what is fashion coming to?

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