J’tote Designer Laptop Bags

I’ve never owned a laptop bag instead I prefer to use any one of the freebie bags that I’ve hoarded over the years from magazines. My laptop must hate me for my frugal ways and it’s accumulated a number of cuts and bruises as a result. But honestly I just can’t find a decent laptop bag. I’m fussy. What can I say? The bag has to do more than carry my laptop it has to look damn good too and be reasonable priced. Well it appears that I may have found a bag that ticks all my boxes.

I was really impressed when the press release for j’tote bags arrived in my inbox. Some of the designs are a bit over the top but I found one bag in particular which I adore, the Melania, $255 available at j’tote. It’s made of organic brown leather and I love the bamboo handles. Best of all you can switch and use the detachable padded shoulder straps if you prefer. As an added bonus each bag comes with a free wallet. Isn’t it gorgeous?

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