MTV and Ford host Virtual Model Contest for M by Mariah Carey


Like many, I’d love to be a model (specifically in any Marc Jacobs show, but that’s just me). Unfortunately for me, at 5’3” my dream will have to go unrealized … in the traditional manner, anyway. Ford Models has partnered with MTV, Elizabeth Arden and Mariah Carey to create a contest for virtual fashion models as part of the launch of Mariah’s new fragrance, M. Simply select your avatar at and sign up from there. You’ll have the chance to customize your avatar to make her more like yourself, or to make her as different from your real-world persona as you please.

The winner will be selected by viewer votes after contests such as a virtual runway walk and a virtual dance contest. To top it off, the winner will star in the virtual ad campaign for the M fragrance. Until the winner is decided, the virtual contestants will have the opportunity to interact with representatives from Ford and learn beauty tips and tricks that will transition to the real world. You only have until January to put your best virtual foot forward, so create your supermodel self soon!

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