Most Wanted: My new skirt


There is no greater joy than the discovery of one item of clothing which combines everything you have been lusting after into one beautiful little package. What makes my thrifty little magpie eyes even wider is when said item is found like a needle in a haystack, somewhere you wouldn’t usually look and, icing on the fashion cake, for only £25.

Well, joy like this was bestowed on me this weekend when I became the proud owner of this gorgeous slip of a skirt from Dorothy Perkins. Lets start, shall we, with the antique lace print which reminds me of A/W08 Emma Cook, Prada and Chloe and has all of the delicacy of lace but with a little more coverage.

The layered ruffles are on-trend for Spring’s romance (see Christopher Kane) and are perfect for ballerina-style twirling. The hemline is slightly longer than the ubiquitous floral tiered mini-skirts that are currently adorning teenage girls up and down the country.

It looks pretty belted with slouchy vest tops and heeled ankle boots, but just at cute with converse and printed t-shirts. It has been officially promoted to “My Favourite Skirt” for services to my happiness and I intend to float about in it all summer long….

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