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You probably haven’t heard of Kathleen Dustin. I hadn’t even heard of her until a few days ago, when a friend of mine who knows that I’m always looking for interesting takes on fashion passed along her website to me.

Kathleen studied mathematics at University but realized she had missed her true calling as an artist and went back to school to get her MFA. However, believing that sculptures “just sit in the corner and gather dust”, she wanted to make art that was more interactive, so she chose purses and jewelry.

Her designs are whimsical, and strikingly beautiful (even if you wouldn’t necessarily find it wearable, per se), and I find myself drawn to the Nigella pod purse. Paired with a tailored, monochrome look and some seriously glam heels, the Nigella bag would be amazing and beyond unique (each bag is handcrafted in numbers more limited than Birkin bags).

If the organic-inspired bags aren’t for you, check out the “Contemplating Yesterday” tote– the silhouette and structure are eye-catching and the rich colours are perfect for evening events.
I’d love to see a risk-taking yet superbly elegant celeb like Nicole Kidman carry a bag like this for an evening out!

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