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French style is renowned worldwide for its elegance, sophistication, and that timeless Parisian chic. As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” This is so true when it comes to French fashion designers, who tend to create pieces that stand the test of time.

If you’re looking to add some French flair to your wardrobe, we’ve put together a guide to the top 25 French fashion brands that capture that quintessential French style. So grab a café au lait, put on your Breton stripes, and let’s get into the crème de la crème of French fashion!

1. Petite Mendigote

Petite Mendigote is at the top of our list because it’s our absolute favourite. Founded 20 years ago by Sybille Roger Vasselin, this French fashion brand nails the boho chic vibe perfectly. From bags to clothes to shoes – we’re obsessed with everything they create. Their Mary Jane ballet flats? Totally trending this season (yes, Mary Jane ballet flats are everywhere right now). But if we’re talking about a standout piece, this stunning white halter neck dress is definitely it. So simple, yet unbelievably chic!

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2. Cqfd Paris

If you’re looking for French fashion with a conscience, put Cqfd Paris on your radar. Launched in 2020 by journalist-turned-designer Céline Bosquet, Cqfd Paris is a 100% digital brand focused on proving that luxury fashion can be ethical, responsible and inclusive. Cqfd Paris offers a tight edit of effortless, Parisian-inspired pieces in minimalist, neutral palettes. Think cosy knits, timeless blazers, and tailored trousers designed for real women, not models.

Image: Sezane

3. Sézane

Sézane is a go-to, for effortless French girl style that transitions seamlessly from work to weekend,

The Paris-based brand captures that coveted, timeless French girl aesthetic beautifully and takes inspiration from vintage finds, adding a modern twist to create feminine, lightweight collections with endless styling potential.

Sézane’s seasonal offerings include chic blouses, easy day dresses, structured outerwear, floral frocks, and so much more. Neutrals, pastels, and earth tones reign supreme. While trends come and go, Sézane’s focus on quality over quantity ensures their pieces remain classics.

While not fast fashion cheap, Sézane’s pricing offers accessibility, especially for designer quality. Build a capsule wardrobe that includes some of their perfectly tailored basics and statement dresses.

4. Rouje

With celebrity fans like Alexa Chung and Emily Ratajkowski, this cool French brand is definitely one to watch. The pieces effortlessly channel that je ne sais quoi spirit of Parisian fashion.

If you love the look of vintage fashion with a modern twist, Parisian brand Rouje will be right up your alley. Founded in 2016 by fashion blogger Jeanne Damas, Rouje captures her signature, laidback chic style through feminine, retro-inspired designs.

Rouje’s collections include plenty of flowy midi dresses, dainty blouses and knits, lived-in denim, and floral frocks. You’ll also find chic outerwear, like trench coats and moto jackets. While definitely vintage leaning, Rouje adds contemporary details so the pieces feel fresh rather than costumey. Beyond women’s clothing, Rouje also offers handbags, shoes, and makeup that complement their romantic, feminine aesthetic.

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5. Sandro

Founded in 1984 by Evelyne Chétrite, Sandro offers sophisticated staples for modern men and women. Blending classic Parisian style with of-the-moment details, Sandro is known for sleek, versatile pieces that work for both the office and off-duty. While trends come and go, Sandro’s impeccable tailoring and focus on wardrobe building blocks ensure longevity. The quality craftsmanship also makes the pieces worth the splurge.

Image: Isabel Marant

6. Isabel Marant Étoile

Isabel Marant’s diffusion line, Isabel Marant Étoile, captures her iconic boho chic aesthetic at a more accessible price point. Launched in 1999, the brand blends Parisian polish with effortless cool through feminine, free-spirited designs.

Isabel Marant Étoile features laidback staples like breezy dresses, relaxed trousers, off-the-shoulder tops, and cozy textured knits. You’ll also find boho accents like embroidered details, tassel trim, and eclectic prints inspired by Marant’s travels.The overall aesthetic walks the line between hippie and chic perfectly.

7. Maisoncléo

Founded by mother-daughter Cléo and Marie Dewet, Maisoncléo’s elegant designs prove ethical can be enviable. Each limited-run piece is handmade to order in Paris using deadstock fabrics from couture houses. This zero-waste approach, along with their timeless feminine aesthetic, has won them celebrity fans like Bella Hadid. While availability is limited, their investment pieces promise enduring enjoyment and versatility. Maisoncléo interweaves style and substance to make eco-luxury irresistibly covetable. This inspiring brand is one to watch in sustainable fashion.

8. Musier Paris

Created in 2018 by Anne-Laure Mais, Musier Paris is known for its affordable yet stylish clothing that is perfect for the modern woman who wants to look chic and fashionable without breaking the bank.

The brand’s signature style is Parisian with a sassy edge, featuring cropped cardigans, front-tied blouses, and midi dresses that are perfect for any occasion. Musier Paris offers a wardrobe of iconic pieces, each with a unique twist that infuses classic femininity with modern vitality.

9. Lemaire

Lemaire is the epitome of effortless French style, with its pared-back aesthetic and focus on quality over branding. The brand was founded in the early 90s by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran. Unlike some other luxury labels, Lemaire avoids anything too flashy or over-the-top. Their style is understated; think neutral tones, clean lines, and timeless silhouettes that look just as good today as they will 5 years from now.

When you pick up a Lemaire piece, you can instantly feel the quality. They use only the finest materials – silks, cashmeres, and wools crafted to perfection. There’s an attention to subtle details that gives each garment a special something. A fold here, a discreet snap there. Lemaire designs are made to be lived in and loved for years to come.

Image: Rosae Paris

10. Rosaé Paris

Rosaé Paris is a refreshing new arrival on the Parisian fashion scene, founded just in 2019 by designer and entrepreneur Claire Teixeira. Claire’s vision was to create the ideal French wardrobe, moving away from fleeting trends and instead focusing on impeccable craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics, and silhouettes that stand the test of time.

We’re always on the hunt for that perfect striped Breton top or slouchy pair of jeans, so we were instantly drawn to Rosaé Paris and its understated yet sophisticated aesthetic. The signature Rosaé Paris woman has effortless personal style – she knows who she is, understands what flatters her figure, and sticks to a refined yet relaxed look that reflects her innate confidence and individuality.

Rosaé Paris captures this sensibility through its focus on wardrobe essentials over temporary must-haves. The collection spotlights elegant basics like soft knits, crisply tailored shirts, and, of course, lived-in denim. These are pieces you’ll reach for again and again, letting their quiet quality and versatility shine through.

Soeur is a contemporary French clothing brand started by two sisters back in 2008. Domitille and Angélique Brion have always been super close – I mean, “soeur” literally translates to “sister”! And since they were little girls playing dress-up, they’ve shared a passion for fashion.

When they decided to start their own brand, drawing inspiration from their personal styles just made sense. The clothes have that effortless Parisian vibe – think timeless silhouettes in luxe materials like silk and cashmere. As lovers of both elegant and comfy clothes (I mean doesn’t everyone?), Soeur is right up our alley!

Their pieces are designed to be handed down and worn by generations. And the quality is amazing – they use only the best fabrics, including eco-friendly and sustainable options.

Image: Marie Marot

11. Marie Marot

You know when you put on that perfect oversized button-down and just feel like a million bucks? That’s the Marie Marot vibe.

Back when founder Marie was just a teenager, she became obsessed with collecting men’s shirts from vintage shops and tailoring them to fit her feminine frame. Who knew that would lay the foundation for her now famous aesthetic?!

Marie finds inspiration from classic fashion icons like Carolyn Bessette and Lauren Hutton who embodied sophisticated simplicity. Her goal is to take staple pieces like the button-down shirt and give them a modern, Parisian twist. The result? Timeless pieces that feel effortlessly chic.

A Paris-based fashion label, Marie Marot is best known for oversized cotton button-downs in fun stripes and solids, ranging up to size 24. It’s all about inclusive fashion and making every woman feel her best! The cotton is so soft and breathable, you’ll want to wear these shirts on repeat.

In 2022, the iconic brand J.Crew collaborated with Marie Marot on a line that totally captures her French girl aesthetic and solidified her status of designing effortless, elegant pieces that make you feel beautiful from morning lattes to evening cocktails. 

Image: Flolove Paris

12. Flolove Paris

You can tell the story behind Flolove Paris is one of passion. Founder Florence Rouchon poured her heart and soul into launching the brand back in 2016. Her vision? To create a collection of investment pieces that stand the test of time. Think silhouettes and fabrics that never go out of style, like the perfect white linen shirt or an LBD with just the right neckline.

One of the unique aspects of Flolove Paris is that all of their pieces are made in France by a small team in Picardy. This allows the brand to have complete control over the production process and ensure that each piece is crafted with care.

Image: Tara Jarmon

13. Tara Jarmon

Tara Jarmon is a delightful French fashion brand breathes new life into timeless elegance with a playful spirit. Founded in Paris in the early 2000s through a creative collaboration between Canadian designer Tara and French entrepreneur David Jarmon.

Tara lent the brand her name and creative vision. She designs the collections with a cool, contemporary twist on timeless Parisian style. The Tara Jarmon aesthetic perfectly balances sophisticated shapes with whimsical details. The collections radiate the vibrant, feel-good spirit of Paris. The silhouettes flatter and drape beautifully on the female figure. You’ll find elegant dresses, skirts, pants, tops, outerwear and more.

While the tailoring exudes refinement, the prints, colours and embellishments add a lively touch. Tara Jarmon is a great go-to if you want to look polished and put together for work. Their clothes never feel stiff or overly formal and there’s always a playful accent.

14. Rodier

When it comes to French fashion, Rodier is one of those iconic brands that just oozes history and prestige. This knitwear brand has been around since 1852. That’s some serious fashion heritage right there.

Rodier made a name for itself by using unbelievably high-quality fabrics and coming up with innovative knitting techniques. We’re talking cashmere softer than a baby bunny’s fur and wool finer than a whisper. The kind of quality that makes fashion legends like Coco Chanel and Christian Dior nod in admiration.

These days, Rodier offers a wide range of knitwear styles, from cosy oversized jumpers to figure-flattering cardigans. The brand still uses only the best materials, so you know that Rodier sweater is going to feel amazing against your skin and hold up for years to come.

15. Jacquemus

Founded in 2009 by young designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, Jacquemus has taken the fashion world by storm with its surrealist, avant-garde designs. Jacquemus is the epitome of modern French style – effortlessly cool, a little rebellious, and full of whimsical charm.

The brand has gained a cult following thanks to its signature aesthetic of vibrant colours, oversized silhouettes, skin-baring cuts and whimsical touches. Some of the most popular pieces from Jacquemus include the Le Chiquito bag, and the Le Grand Chapeau Bomba hat.

16. The Kooples

If you love Saint Laurent but find it a bit too polished, The Kooples is a fantastic alternative. The brand captures Parisian nonchalance with a gritty, provocative edge. Founded in 2008 by three brothers – Alexandre, Laurent, and Raphael Elicha. The siblings sought to create a fashion brand that blended masculine and feminine aesthetics for a subversive yet romantic look.

The Kooples takes classic pieces like blazers, button-downs, and loafers and adds a rebellious twist with leather, studs, and edgy hardware. The result is a signature look that is equal parts tough and tender. The Kooples’ style blends Parisian nonchalance with rocker grunge for an effortlessly cool look

17. Ami Paris

Founded in 2011 by talented French designer Alexandre Mattiussi, AMI Paris is a French luxury brand that since its debut, Ami has gone from strength to strength. Mattiussi worked in fashion for many years, including at Dior, before launching his own label. He wanted to create a line that captured the essence of nonchalant, masculine French style – think Breton stripes, well-cut blazers, and staple wardrobe pieces. And while Ami Paris pieces don’t come cheap, they’re worth investing in if you love timeless, versatile staples crafted to the highest quality. 

18. Elleme paris

Elleme Paris is a breath of fresh air in the world of French fashion. Founded in 2015 by designer Jingjing Fan, the brand brings a modern, minimalist aesthetic to clothing and accessories while keeping sustainability at the core of its mission. Elleme focus on clean lines, geometric shapes, and rich textures inspired by modern architecture. The palette sticks to neutral earth tones and black accented with pops of colour. The result is unfussy yet sophisticated clothes and accessories that transition seamlessly from day to night. 

19. Balzac

For affordable luxury that doesn’t skimp on style or sustainability, Balzac Paris is a go-to. Their clothes effortlessly straddle the line between high fashion and everyday wear. Launched in 2011 by Chrysoline de Gastines and Charles de Vilmorin, this brand makes Parisian style completely accessible. Their clothes capture the essence of Paris chic without the shocking price tags. heir collections are full of timeless, feminine designs that make you feel tres chic, even if you’re just running errands. From gorgeous dresses to tailored blazers, their pieces capture the effortless Parisian vibe in a way that’s affordable and friendly for everyday wear.

20. Jonak

With over 50 years of experience making chic shoes for women that you can actually walk and stand in all day long without getting blisters, Jonak specialise in timeless shoes that are shoes that are sexy, stylish AND comfortable. Whether you prefer pumps, sandals, boots, or sneakers, Jonak offers shoes that have lasting appeal and are versatile enough to pair with both casual and dressy outfits.

21. Mes Demoiselles

Mes Demoiselles is a great choice if you’re looking for a bohemian-inspired wardrobe with a touch of French elegance. The brand is the brainchild of Anita Radovanovic and their collection of bohemian-inspired clothing, featuring intricate patterns and fun prints is perfect for those who appreciate a relaxed and effortless look. The brand’s pieces are known for their high-quality materials, such as silk and cotton, and their attention to detail.

22. Maje

One thing we love about Maje is that the clothes are edgy in a quiet way. You’ll notice cool hardware, unexpected cut-outs or fabrics, and smart styling details that give each piece a contemporary vibe. But it’s never over-the-top. Maje was started in 1998 by Judith Milgrom, a designer born in Morocco with serious fashion chops. She wanted to create a line of clothing that blended classic Parisian style with modern details and impeccable quality.

The result is clothes that are feminine and flattering without being overly girly or frilly. Maje uses luxe materials like silk and leather to craft pieces that feel special, but the silhouettes are always super wearable. The tweed belted jacket is one of Maje’s most popular designs because it’s so versatile. It’s made from a wool blend that feels substantial yet soft. The tailored fit and belted waist are super flattering. You can dress it up with trousers or down with jeans. It’s an effortlessly chic way to pull any outfit together.

23. Sessùn

If you appreciate quality craftsmanship and timeless feminine style, Sessùn is a brand to know and love. Build your dream closet around their iconic dresses, polished separates, and luxe coats that transition effortlessly from season to season. Founded in France in 1995, by Emma François, Sessùn embodies the effortless chic aesthetic that French fashion is known for.

24. Ba&sh

With its feminine aesthetic and focus on luxe fabrics and romantic silhouettes, Ba&sh makes it easy for any woman to tap into her inner French girl. It all started in 2003 when friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief decided to launch their own fashion line celebrating the chic Parisian style they both loved. The name “Ba&sh” combines the first letters of their names, symbolising the blend of their creative talents. Ba&sh has become renowned for its pretty, romantic aesthetic. Floral prints, ruffles and delicate lace details feature prominently in their designs. Their aesthetic is feminine and flattering, emphasising the beauty of the female form.

25. Claudie Pierlot

The core style and aesthetic of Claudie Pierlot has remained consistent since its founding in the 1980s. The brand is renowned for its luxurious fabrics, flattering feminine silhouettes, meticulous attention to detail, and timeless Parisian sophistication. While always staying current with trends, Claudie Pierlot designs resist fleeting fads. The brand focuses on timeless pieces in classic colour and their chic investment pieces can be worn for countless seasons.

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