Temper Tantrum: Naomi Campbell arrested at Heathrow

naomicampbell_020408.jpgUh-oh! Naomi’s gone and done it again. Last night, the 37yr old supermodel was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and taken to Heathrow Police station for questioning.

Basically, Naomi flew into a rage and hurled abuse at BA cabin crew after being informed that one of her bags would not be travelling with her to L.A as it was too heavy. She was told that she could either stay on the flight and have the bag forwarded on, or wait and take a later flight with ALL her bags.

So what did Naomi do? She hurled abuse at the staff and allegedly screamed,

“This is a joke, right? and “Why can’t you do anything right? Get all my bags on this flight! I’m Naomi Campbell.”

Her temper tantrum was so bad that four police officers boarded the plane, handcuffed and “dragged Naomi out of the first class cabin.

But it didn’t exactly end there. She followed up her performance by shouting and spitting at the police officers. Not a good look. The whole incident was witnessed by passengers on the aircraft.

Naomi was later released on bail…


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