Summer Buys: Old Man Cardigans

I am not ashamed to admit that my favourite item of clothing is an ink-stained, moth-eaten, beige grandfather cardigan that I am fairly certain used to belong to to a pipe smoking war veteran with an addiction to pain killers, pepto bismol and Countdown.

My particular second hand cardigan may be taking the “scruffy” look a little too far but the concept is there. It might, however, be time to trade it in for a newer model. Alas! If I could but afford this Luella number, I could achieve the same effect without looking quite so much like a homeless person.

A nonchalant alternative to summer jackets, slouchy cardigans are great for dressing down smart tailoring or lacing something frilly or floral with a masculine edge. And of course, as far as comfort goes, this is the style equivalent of wearing your duvet to work – who can argue with that?

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